Staff Directory

Jeffrey Chesnut
Educators: Math Teacher

I have been teaching high school mathematics for 12 years and taught at ITT before that. I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor... Read More

Jenna Colliver
Educators: Language Arts Teacher

Mrs. Colliver has been an English teacher at Marshall since 2014. She was a proud Middie in her school career and is happy to be serving... Read More

Skylar Folkens
Educators: Math Title Teacher

I am a math teacher here at Marshall High School. When I attended Wittenberg University, I studied both AYA Math Education and Vocal Music.... Read More

Jon Armstrong
Educators: Social Studies Teacher

Jon teaches Social Studies here at Marshall High School. He graduated from Miami University with a degree in Adolescent and Young Adult... Read More

Kenny Matheny
Educators: Science Teacher

Ken Matheny is the new Science teacher at Marshall High School. I graduated from Wright State University with a B.A. in Biology, as well as... Read More

Sheri Ogletree
Educators: Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Ogletree is an Intervention Specialist here at Marshall High... Read More

Rachel Osterday
Educators: Language Arts Teacher

Rachel Osterday is one of the English teachers at Marshall High School and has been teaching for five years. She has a master's degree in... Read More

Hayley Robertson
Educators: Intervention Specialist

Hayley Robertson is an Intervention Specialist at Marshall High School. She graduated from Miami University in 1999 with a Bachelor of... Read More

Arthur Roden
Educators: Intervention Specialist

Mr. Roden is a second career teacher, having been a senior project developer in the development of computer software applications. He went... Read More

Melissa Worbis
Educators: Social Studies Teacher

Mel Worbis is a Social Studies teacher and the ESL... Read More