Melody McBride

Ms. McBride is the Construction Career Technology teacher at Marshall High School. She grew up on a small farm in West Virginia as the youngest of 5. Since the 1980s, Ms. McBride has lived and worked out of Dayton, Ohio in various fields, including nursing, waitressing, and commercial construction. Ms. McBride started her own business in 1995, sub-contracting for the City of Dayton and other contractors, and successfully sold it a few years later. She then started teaching a pilot program with the Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority in 1999 and began building houses with kids through Improved Solutions in 2000. In 2002, Ms. McBride completed workforce development training at Wright State and earned her Career Tech credential there in 2005. She has been married since 2014, and enjoys spending time with her human kids, Jesse (29) and Jenna (21), her four dog kids, and her two cats. Ms. McBride has a deep appreciation for nature and "science stuff," and enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, and collecting walking sticks. She loves teaching kids to appreciate the universe and use it to find their own unique strength and power, for by working with nature, they can build the world!